How can we help you?

Regardless of the industry you work in, we pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable so we can help anyone with their Excel needs. We can help you create, design, fix and analyse your workbooks so you can achieve the results you’re looking for.

Whether you find yourself spending hours manipulating various sources of data to create one report or seem to be experience a lack of efficiency with your processes, we can help by automating your tasks to help you improve your business. By investing in a little help from Excel specialists, your business can go a very long way.


We create and design specialized spreadsheets that are tailored to your needs, as well as helping to fix any issues you may be experiencing with your workbook. You may find that you need to collate multiple extracts of data into one format in order to create dashboards or summaries – we can help to automate these processes. Thanks to our Excel expert help, we also provide useful tips and formulas to help you prevent any data loss in the future.

Bespoke Tools

We develop bespoke automated tools regardless of the industry.

Examples of bespoke tools include:

  • Automated Invoice Tools

  • Order and Sales Trackers

  • Automation of Tariff /Status reports for Energy Companies

  • Automated Menu’s for Restaurants

  • Survey Collation and Analytics

  • Pharmacy Product Trackers

  • Automated Budget Templates

  • Property Management Trackers

  • Booking Systems

  • Currency Calculators

  • Time-sheets (e.g for nurseries or employee time-sheets)

  • Order Books

Key Performance Indicator Reporting

After understanding your business requirements, we can help analyse your business’s performance with automated KPI reports.

Past projects include

  • Using Google Analytics to analyse mobile app performance.

  • Analyzing and producing reports from data extracted from Clio (Law Software).

  • Manipulating video on demand data to provide reports and insights on irregularities.

  • Reviewing geographical data on car sales to provide insights on where the business should be focusing their priorities.

Excel Training​

Whether you need to train a group or an individual within your business, we have vast experience training teams to use Excel in an efficient manner to maximize throughput and reduce hours of labor.

FREE Initial Consultation and FREE Support

Get in touch for a FREE consultation with one of our spreadsheet guru’s. We do not charge for the initial requirements gathering or any initial research. Further to this, we do not charge at all until the requirements have been met and you are happy with the final product. Once the project is complete, we are determined to keep you happy, and so we will provide FREE support.

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